Alpine Dachsbracke – A Hunting Dog

Alpine Dachsbracke

Alpine Dachsbracke is mainly used for hunting large game. These robust, muscular dogs have a brave characters. Their fearless personality makes them well suited to wild boar searches.

Like the dachshund, their short legs make these beagles more agile than pointing dogs, especially when posing a wild boar. Alpine Dachsbracke has more power than Dachshunds, thanks to their slightly larger size.

The loud-tracking (barking) that is strongly present in Dachshunds, these beagles have less. Only when they follow the track or when the doorbell rings will you hear them barking.

Due to their enormous hunting passion, Alpine Dachsbracke is not the dog for inexperienced hunters. Once these dogs have found their prey, they consider it their job to guard them against other people and dogs while they wait for the handler.

Alpine Dachsbracke

In their country of origin, Austria, the Alpine Dachsbracke is used on chamois and deer in the mountains.

These badger beacons can also be ‘broken,’ a hunting method based on the permanent location of the hair game. The beagle tracks down the game and hunts it loudly on the trail until it returns to its old place.

There, the game can then be shot by hunters positioned at strategic locations. For this type of hunting, the dogs must have an enormous will to track and track security.

General Features


Males have a shoulder height of 37-38 cm and females 36-37 cm.


The self-cleaning coat is short-haired and consists of a thick outer coat and a woolly, dense undercoat. You need little maintenance; you only have to brush the dog during shedding.


Alpine Dachsbracke occurs in dark red deer color interspersed with or without black hairs. They also come in black with distinct reddish-brown markings on the head, chest, legs, feet and underside of the tail. The so-called ‘Vieräugl’ with brown markings above both eyes is allowed, as is a white spot on the chest.

General Character Traits

These intelligent dogs learn very quickly. They have an innate aptitude for hunting and a courageous character.

Alpine Dachsbracke does not tolerate physical corrections well and is sensitive to hard training. If you have built a good relationship with them, they will not leave your side.

Breed Specific Issues

Breeding for certain traits has hardly happened with this breed, so that Alpine Dachsbracke has no known health problems.

Alpine Country Dachsbracken Criteria

Suitable as a House Dog

You can keep these dogs in the house and a draft and moisture-free kennel outdoors. Don’t forget, though, that Dachsbracken loves to be with their forerunner. Their place is essential to them.

Social Interaction

(Other pets/children)

Alpine Dachsbracke is not suitable for every family. They come into their own best with hunters and hunters who take their passion into account.

These dogs are friendly to their own family and friends, but they are reserved with strangers. You need to consider their prey drive: get them used to other pets. Interaction with children is acceptable, significantly if they have grown up with them.

Handling/Training & Education

An Alpine Dachsbracke is not a dog for inexperienced hunters. They have a lot of perseverance and a strong will of their own. Expect to train them at least once every two weeks. Do not train these dogs with physical force; reward and encouragement are better.

If they are too forceful, they will block. Badgers are keen to form a team with the front chaser. If you manage to do that, then they are well under appeal. Due to their handy size, these dogs can easily be carried on the high seat.

Movement/Living Environment

If you provide them with enough mental challenge by hunting or training them at least once every two weeks, this breed is a laid-back dog for the home. Letting them walk next to the bicycle for their movement is not advisable due to their physique.

Vigilance/Attitude Towards Strangers

Because of their reserved attitude towards unknown people and dogs, they are very vigilant in the house. If unfamiliar visitors give the dog time to come to them on its own, it almost always goes well.

Generalist or Specialist

For which type of hunt is most suitable, Alpine Dachsbracke specializes in sweathounds and is also used abroad during drift and pressure hunts.

Their tenacious nature makes them highly suitable for driving boars from cover. They are very keen on the fox. In the sweat work, they are quiet, thoughtful workers, and therefore very precise and stable.

‘Will to Please’/Want to Work

These dogs are very eager to work for their owner. Because of their passion for hunting, they are go-getters who do not give up easily. These tiebreakers enjoy working as a team and are therefore very focused on working with their foreman.

Bloodlines/Hunting Passion

This breed only has working lines. Alpine Dachsbracke was born as working dogs.

Character Boss for This Breed

The owner of an Alpine Dachsbracken must have a lot of experience in training hunting dogs and set clear boundaries. This breed is known to block with too much pressure, so you will no longer contact the dog.

The boss must be willing to build a relationship through reward and rest. Don’t expect a classic boss-dog relationship: these tiebreakers obey but don’t know absolute docility.

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