Exercise at Home Without Fitness Equipment and Lose Weight

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to get or stay healthy and fit. You can efficiently train and lose weight at home, saving yourself money and (travel) time!

Training at home is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason. In this article, we give you some tips and eaxercises for fitness at home, both for beginners and advanced users, with which you can perform all your fitness exercises at home.

Exercise at Home Without Devices

It can be difficult for beginners to start exercising at home. Frequently heard doubts are: what if it’s not for me? Do I have enough time for it? How can I exercise at home? How do I make sure I don’t stop exercising within two weeks?

Precisely by starting to exercise at home, you start in a low-threshold way. You do not have to take out a subscription at the gym that you are often attached to for at least a few months.

You can also easily do workout exercises at home without fitness equipment. If you don’t like it (which, of course, we don’t assume :) ), then it certainly didn’t cost you any money. That’s worth a try.

5 Tips to Start Working Out at Home

1. Set Yourself a Realistic Goal

Nothing is more demotivating than training without a training goal. In addition, try to formulate small goals, so don’t: I want to lose 20 kg.

This goal is still very far away, especially in the beginning, so that your courage can quickly sink in. If you want to exercise at home to lose weight, try taking small steps, such as ‘In 1 month I want to lose 2 kg’.

Or go for a sporting goal ‘At the end of the month I want to be able to plank for 1 minute in a row’, or ‘In a month I want to be able to do 20 push-ups in a row.

When you have reached this goal within a month, you can go for the next goal and you are probably more motivated to keep working out!

2. Reward Yourself When Things Go Well

For example, when formulating your goal, you can agree that if you have achieved your goal, you can buy a new sports shirt. Rewarding yourself is, of course, also possible without spending money.

For example: “On the day I exercised, I can watch a double episode on Netflix.” In this way, your sports days will be a little more special than other days, so that you will look forward to them.

3. Schedule a fixed time—for example, every Tuesday evening and Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. When you fast two or three times a week for 45 to 60 minutes, you can start to take this into account and it can not prevent you from forgetting your ‘sports date.’

Also, make sure that you can always make this sports appointment. So even if you have to work overtime or if your favorite soap opera stars on TV.

4. Find a Workout Buddy

Training together with someone is much more motivating and is also a lot more fun than training alone at home. You can also correct each other when an exercise is not performed correctly. Agree on a day and time together and stick to it.

5. Put together several sports schedules (or have someone put them together by someone else). The fun will probably wear off quickly if you always train at home according to the same workout schedule.

Therefore try to find 2 or 3 schemes beforehand. You can do these alternately, for example, Monday schedule A, Wednesday schedule B and Friday schedule C, or the same schedule for four weeks and the second schedule for the next four weeks, etc.

What Now?

Okay, now you’ve planned your weekly sports moments, found a training buddy, formulated your goals. What’s next? How do you come up with a suitable schedule or sports exercises to train at home?

You can already start exercising at home without having to buy expensive equipment or weights. Your body weight can also be used as training weight, possibly supplemented with small fitness materials, such as a fitness mat or wrist/ankle weights.

The most effective home workouts are HIIT workouts (High-Intensity Interval Workouts). This means that you exercise very intensively for short periods with concise periods of rest in between.

An example of this would be 40 seconds of knee lifting at your fastest. After this, you have 10 seconds of rest and then the second intensive exercise follows. This way, you alternate 4 to 6 exercises.

After one set of those 4 to 6 exercises, you have a minute of rest and you repeat this set several times (depending on your level and essential condition). You can build muscle strength with HIIT training, but you can also lose weight with this home training. The ideal workout for home without equipment!

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