TenPoint Pro-V22 22-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows

The Pro V22 arrow is one of the most popular arrows for compound archers. It offers unequaled speed, unmatched accuracy, and quiet performance. Besides, this carbon-made black Pro-V22 crossbow arrow comes 6 in a pack.

The aluminum inserts and Omni-Nock make it both accurate and durable at a time. Again, its Omni-Nock securely holds the Arrow on the string and turns all other nocks useless. Furthermore, this carbon arrow is only intended for use with TenPoint’s Vapor crossbow.

Package Details

  • Brand: TenPoint
  • Material: Carbon
  • Size: 6 Pack
  • Style: 6 Pack, Omni-Nocks
  • Color: Black


This compound crossbow arrow is made in the United States. The Arrow has a length of 22 inches. It comes with a diameter of 22/64th of an inch. The Arrow is balanced 10.5% forward of center and weighs 420 grains.

At a range of 50 yards, this particular Arrow will group into a 2.25-inch pattern with an average of 8.9% speed lost over that distance. It will drop 18.7% of its kinetic energy over the same distance.

Indexing Elimination

Moon and capture nocks have an indexing problem. Omni-Nock eliminates this problem through the six micro-grooves that constitute three bowstring channels because the channel avoids flat-nock “shoot-over” or “shoot-under,” an increasing concern with narrow crossbows, at sharp string angles by holding the bowstring in place.

Outstanding Accuracy

This TenPoint Pro-V22 Crossbow Arrow is fletched moderately offset with 3″ Easton BTV vanes. Therefore, they offer outstanding lethal accuracy. Besides, vane colors used to vary as well.

Shafts are hand-sorted for weight tolerance to within two grains per dozen and examined for straightness to within 0.003 inches. Bolt-to-bolt consistency and shot-after-shot accuracy are the hallmarks of this Arrow.

Hand Sorted

Moreover, it comes with a TenPoint white Alpha-Nock and a 24-grain aluminum insert with 10.5 percent FOC.

Carbon Construction

Precision engineered to hold 2.25-inch groups at 50 yards. Each Pro V22 shaft is hand-sorted for weight tolerance within two grains per dozen and straightness within 0.003 inches.


The Pro V22 is an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate target archers. The weight and spine of the Pro V22 provide an outstanding balance between speed and kinetic energy. And, with the Omni-Nock, you never have to worry about losing your arrow nocks to impact.

NB: However, any crossbow from Horton Crossbow Innovations, TenPoint, or Wicked Ridge will work with the Alpha-Nock. Even though your crossbow requires a flat nock or Omni-Nock, you can use the Alpha-Nock in it.

Can I use this Arrow with Barnett 410 ghost crossbow?

Yes, Barnett 410 ghost crossbows can be used with this Arrow. You can use a 22-inch arrow even if your crossbow specifies a 20-inch arrow, but you should never go shorter than what your crossbow specifies, especially when using broadheads.

For the Barnett 410 ghost crossbows, the Arrow should be 22″ in length. Therefore, with Barnett 410 ghost crossbows, TenPoint Pro V22 arrows will work just fine for you.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking for a high-performance hunting arrow or just shooting targets in your backyard, the TenPoint Pro V22 is going to be one of your favorite arrows because it provides a level of performance that is unmatched by others.

It is the most stable, accurate, and dependable best arrows for compound bow hunting on the market. Overall, this TenPoint Pro-V22 compound bow arrow delivers pinpoint accuracy shot-after-shot.

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